Rockstar Customer Support Number

Hello friends, if you are looking for Rockstar Customer Support Number and want to connect with the assistant manager or executive for resolving your solution then read this article carefully. Rockstar Games Inc. is an American game developing company, which has many series of games. Rockstar has introduced many kinds of customer support to resolve customer issues. If you huge fan of Rockstar or you are gamer then you should know about Rockstar customer support number. Here we are going to tell you about all information of Rockstar service number. So mark these numbers and save in your contact list for future reference.

We have shared customer support number for you and we need to impart those number to you in addition to we need to share you that each help number has its individual needs. We have mentioned each phone number of the company and we realize that Rockstar is very famous in the world that is the reason organization has built up an individual client benefit telephone number for each nation.

Rockstar Support Number

If you are living in the United State of America then here you may mark this number to connect with customer support as well as this phone number is very popular in the United States and facing issue with products plus this phone number is very helpful for those are facing issue in installing of the game or any kind of trouble related to Rockstar games.


Here we are sharing another toll free number, which is given below;


If you are living in the UK then you may try this number, which is given below;


If you are in Canada location then you should mark this number, which is given below;


Rockstar Customer Service Number

Rockstar Games, Inc. has a goodwill on the internet. It’s obvious we need to contact the support team of the company for making the solution of our problem or many of the trouble then, some of the people like to call the to customer support and try online assistance. So, if you are from those are looking for the Online Customer Assistance to resolve your problem regarding game. You’ll glad to know that Rockstar Games has introduced many kind of support system. Now you can reach through online assistance also trough call.

For immediate response to solve your issue which is related to games you may reach through below number;


Rockstar Customer Support Number, Email, Live Chat

However Rockstar has introduced many kinds of mode to connect with their executive for assistance for their customers. Here we are going to share some another option to resolve your games issues. Please mark this contact in your list also which is given below;

FAX Number:- (646) 941-3566

Alt Phone:- (646) 536-2842

And if you want to connect with Live chat then firstly you should open an login account on Rockstar official page and here you can send your queries. Rockstar executive team will reach you once they get your mail or message in your account. It is a very effective way to connect them via the account.

Rockstar Support Mail

Live Chat

The greater part of the general population use to scan for E-mail address of Rockstar Games, Inc. at that point, we have an E-mail address for your help and this email address isn’t for official utilize other than of this email address help you since organization has built up this email is for customer support just for your help at that point, please mark this number for assistance it would be better for you if you want to buy bulk purchasing for your business because time of installation you will need this email address.

Rockstar Technical support

If you are looking for technical support, here we are sharing some numbers if you are not able to connect with rockstar customer executive. You should mark this number for future reference. This number will help you to resolve your trouble during installation or any kind of problem with games.

0843 903 3463

We have alternate support number for your assistance and we have mentioned right below.


Rockstar Log In Help

Rockstar has also another help support through this you can connect with executive or assistance manager to resolve your problems. For this you have to open an account on Rockstar official website which will record all your queries if have couple of queries and they will reply you with solutions. This is a very convenient mode to reach customer executive of Rockstar even you are not available on call.

Rockstar Contact Us

Contact us

If you are not ready to interface with official for particular reason then you may go on Apple official site and her you will discover a reach us menu or symbol. Through this you can see some various contacts and you may reach through this said administration or bolster numbers.

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